Prof. Cheng-Zhong XU
Prof. Cheng-Zhong XUInterim Director of ICI, Chair Professor

Systems Support for AI,
Big Data and Cloud Computing,
Intelligent Transportation andĀ Self-driving

Jiantao ZHOU
Jiantao ZHOU Interim Head of CAIR, Associate Professor

Image Recognition and Understanding,
Security and Privacy in AI,
Multimedia big data analytics

Long CHENAssociate Professor

Unsupervised Learning,
AI in Chemistry and Biology

Zhiguo GONG
Zhiguo GONGProfessor

Machine Learning,
Data Mining

Zhi LIUAssociate Professor

Data mining,
Statistical learning

Chi Man PUN
Chi Man PUNAssociate Professor

Image Processing and Understanding,
Multimedia Security,
Adversarial Machine Learning

Carlos Silvestre
Carlos SilvestreProfessor

Data Mining,
Intelligent Decision

Leong Hou U, Ryan
Leong Hou U, RyanAssociate Professor

Crowd Intelligence,
Systems Support for AI

Chi Man VONG, Matthew
Chi Man VONG, MatthewAssociate Professor

Image Recognition and Understanding,
Statistical Learning

Feng WAN
Feng WANAssociate Professor

Brain-Computer Interfaces,
Neural Engineering,
Brain-Like Learning

Fai WONG, Derek
Fai WONG, DerekAssociate Professor

Machine Translation,
ML for Natural Language Processing

Xiaowei WU
Xiaowei WUAssistant Professor

Algorithmic Game Theory,
Truthful Mechanism Design,
AI Theory

Lihu XU
Lihu XUAssociate Professor

Statistical Learning and Reasoning

Qingsong XU
Qingsong XUProfessor

Robotics and Intelligent Control,
Mechatronics & Automation Systems

Zhixin YANG
Zhixin YANGAssociate Professor

AI based safety monitoring,

Liming ZHANG
Liming ZHANGAssistant Professor

Learning theory and app,
Object tracking

Yibo Bob ZHANG
Yibo Bob ZHANGAssociate Professor

Biometrics Recognition and Authentication,
Pattern Recognition

Yicong ZHOU
Yicong ZHOUAssociate Professor

Image Recognition and Processing